Feel the freedom of

sharing anonymously


We all have secrets.

Get it off your chest.

blab is an anonymous social network application
that let’s you share your feelings and confessions.

We can’t feel / be free all the time, cause all of us have friends, followers, family members and colleagues on social networks. Can’t you say your fears, tears, craziness, furiousness, confessions or funny stories? Have questions that you can’t ask anybody? Have ideas that you want to say nobody?blabis exactly for you.

Say, ask and tell what you want Feel free to make yourself comfortable and blab. Nobody knows you in blab and never will be.

What's up?

R’u angry?

Do u have a confesssion?

Do you enjoy?

Did you fall in love?

Life is hard we know.
There’s nothing more important than your exact feelings.
Please relax and just be yourself.

Nobody knows who you are but you may find someone who is ready to share your experiences and feelings.
Multiply your joy and ease your burden just by sharing with other blabbers.

There is a room for all your emotions in blab.

Now it’s time to speak!

With blab’s completely free chat feature, you can chat anonymously with up to 4 at the same time.

You can subscribe to the tags you want, you can stop listening to silence the person you want, you can get instant notifications when someone starts chatting nearby you and you can gain minutes by watching videos or sharing blab.

Don’t stay away

What’s going on around you?

blab allows you to catch what is happening around you
Remember, you will never know who’s blabbing.

It's up to you to guess.
If you're curious, check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

Come to me blab

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