Frequently Asked Questions

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updated: 15.08.2019

What is BlabTalks?

Maximum of four persons can speak live around a topic. If all four spaces are full, then listeners can join the conversation by writing comments.


How many minutes can I talk on BlabTalks?

Every speaker has right to speak 15 minutes in every 24 hours, if you spend all your 15 minutes then you can click “Earn Minutes” button and earn extra minutes. You can earn 3 minutes by watching a video, 5 minutes by sharing blab on you social media accounts.


How can I report speaker on BlabTalks?

When you touch on the icon of speaker you'll see 3 options, by clicking volume icon (volume_up) you can silence the speaker, by clickick heart icon (favorite) you can send a heart to speaker, my clicking report icon (flag) you can make a complaint about speaker.


Doeesn't anybody hear when I silence the speaker?

No. When you silence a speaker only you don't hear him/her. Other people in conversation can still listen.


How do BlabTalks tags work?

Each blabTalks can have maximum 3 tags. You can subscribe to them by searching. When there's a conversation started about the tag you subscribed, you'll get a notification.


Is a membership required to use blab?

No, you don't need a membership nor to create an account. You may start blabbing, as soon as you install the application to your phone.


Can I blab anything that I want?

The things that we certainly do not allow to be published on blab are; pornography, threats, the contents that would incite people to harm themselves, the contents that include personal information(e-mail address, phone number,etc.), spam. Make sure you check out the terms and conditions before you publish anything that you want.

Our aim is to create a clean community in blab network; and for thati we need your help. If you ever run into a content that you find disturbing please let us know by clicking the "Report" icon.


Who can see my blabs?

All the users of blab can see what you have written. Contents in blab can also be shared in other social networks by users. So, the things that you have written can be subjected to the whole world. Since blab is anonymous, eventhough a content that you have published is shared, it will not be known that you have written it.


How will I access my blabs, if my phone gets stolen or formatted, or if I change my phone?

We hope that your phone will not be stolen. If, by any chance, you need to change your phone, the only thing that you need to do, in order to continue form where you have left, is to verify your e-mail address. For that, you need to go to the "blab recovery" menu and, we will guide you from there.