Terms of Use

last update: 21.07.15

By using the social network application blab (which, henceforth will be mentioned as blab), you agree to be bound by the terms stated below. We keep our right to make changes and updates on these terms, in time, as a secret.

All of the contents, published on blab, are created by the users of the application and they are not pre-inspected; therefore they are published automatically. Because of this, we recommend blab to be used by people who are 17 years old or older. Although there are some precautions we have taken for the contents that are published in blab to be as clean as possible, we are not required to inspect the legality of the contents unless we are consulted to. Every content that has been published can be reported by the "report" button that is in the application. Reported contents are inspected swiftly and can be banned.

blab users do not need to create an account. Contents are created without the need of a subscription. As soon as contents begin to be created on blab, they begin to be matched by a number that is exclusive for the device. If access to the device that is used to access blab is terminated (thievery,breakdown,etc.) it is not possible for the user to access his/her previous contents. If the user wishes to access his/her previous contents, it is enough for them to enter the "blab recovery" menu and enter their e-mail address. (You need to make sure that you will have constant access to this e-mail, even in the future. Because of this, it is not recommended for you to use your corporate e-mail address, or any other e-mail addresses like that, due to their changeability and their possible inaccessabilty. Once you verify your e-mail address, it will be possible for you to access your contents by verifying your e-mail address from any other device.) Eventhough the user verifies his/her e-mail address, this information will not be shared with another user nor with any other third party.

blab administiration can not be held responsible for the contents that are created by users. Each user is responsible of the content that he/she has created. Contents in the application can be completely imaginary. The fact that the contents are published does not mean they are indegenised by the blab administration. All of the users of blab accept that the contents that they create will not violate others's personal rights. The users of blab accept that they own the rights of distribution of the written and graphical contents that they publish. Please respect to the copyrights and do not share written or graphical contents that are licenced to someone else's name or are not trademarked to you. It is not permitted to share URLs within the application. However, if this prohibition is violated, blab is not to be held responsible for the contents of the external address or from the problems that might occur because of the address.

The contents, created by users, can be shared on blab's social media accounts. The responsibility of friendships and relationships that are correlated on blab, are completely up to the users. It is recommended for you to not to nake your personal information public and attach importance to your privacy.

The contents that include; pornography, hate speech, personal information (e-mail address, phone number,address,etc.) , spam (commercials,URLs,etc.) and also, contents that would incite poeple to harm themselves are certainly prohibited on blab. The access of the users, publishing these sorts of contents, to the application, can be blocked without their knowledge. blab keeps its rights to go to court in case of; unauthorized entries to blab by using various softwares or devices, data alteration, interference to the operation of the application, slowing it down, data mining,etc. as a secret. blab is a patented brand. In case of aunauthorized usage, our legal rights are secret.